Exhibitions at Møntergården

At Møntergården, there is a series of outstanding exhibitions for children and adults to enjoy. Møntergården is open all year. We focus on the history of Odense and Funen and narrate the events, explain about the artefacts and tell the life histories of people who made their mark on our heritage and identity. Discover everything from skeletons buried in Funen soil, swords and strange food products to familiar inventions, famous personalities and knick-knacks made in Odense.

Creative exhibition design, sound, video, interactive experiences and sensory happenings form the framework of a varied collection of exhibitions.

For inquisitive
people aged 0-100

Funen – Centre of the Universe

Funen – Centre of the Universe is a lavish and meticulously designed exhibition that offers you a thought-provoking insight into the island of Funen and its inhabitants. Here you find hundreds of unique historical artefacts and interactive experiences.

Life in the City

Life in the City is a journey back in time that shows you Odense in the Viking era, middle ages and Renaissance. There are interesting finds from the earliest days of the city and an original nobleman’s home from 1546. NB: WE ARE CURRENTLY REFURBISHING THE EXHIBITION – WE EXPECT TO RE-OPEN IN SPRING 2020.

Pernille Lykke Dwellings

Enter the original, tiny paupers’ dwellings from 1657 and step back in time. This is history in close-up. Discover how it was to be a poor widow in Odense in the 1600s and 1940s.

The Childrens Backyard

Joiner Severinsen’s workshop, living quarters and backyard date from 1890. Children can play their way back in time here. Children may touch everything – from the water pump and tools to clothing and even the tea set.

The Histotorium

The Histotorium is an exhibition especially for inquisitive children. Help the museum’s historian, archaeologist and taxidermist to examine ancient artefacts and find Little Worm, the museum’s mascot.

The Tinderbox

The Elf Mound is a magical universe for children themed on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. The King of the Elves celebrates with a strange array of guests from near and far. Dress up for the party and play along with us!

Do you want more ?

H.C. Andersen’s Odense

Spend the day strolling around old Odense, soaking up the atmosphere in the streets, houses and places that shaped Hans Christian Andersen as a person and a poet.

Explore the museums housing his original works and belongings – and discover whole new sides to the world’s most famous Dane.

*Entrance to Møntergården is included in the 5in1 ticket.