Funen – Centre of the Universe

The museum’s main exhibition takes a captivating look at Funen and Odense over thousands of years.

The exhibition is about Danish history, retold from Funen and served up via an enormous diversity of artefacts and stories of people and events, all of which made their mark on our history and, from time to time, put our little island on the world map.

Video, sound and interactive experiences create an absorbing atmosphere around about 2000 artefacts and stories in this beautifully presented exhibition. The exhibition brings you a varied collection of 11 themes on two floors.

The exhibition in detail

Funen, fruit and booming industries

A rich soil, temperate climate and flourishing orchards gave Funen the nickname “Denmark’s Market Garden” and encouraged the production of tinned goods and beverages on an industrial scale. Meet Dagmar Andreasen who founded Rynkeby Juice – and other industrial giants, including engine manufacturer Thomas B. Thrige. We have not forgotten another giant, the Lindø Shipyard.

What can a saucepan tell us about history?

For thousands of years, a roof over your head, heat and food on the table were the most important factors in human lives. What is most important to you? This exhibition stimulates us to ponder on our own existence, presents everyday items from homes and kitchens, and asks us to reflect on them and talk about them.

The oldest recorded Dane is from Funen

As you enter the exhibition, you come across the oldest cranium ever found in Denmark. This is the skull of a man who drowned in a marsh on Funen 10,000 years ago. Maybe he fell through the ice one wintry day. On the other hand, he may have been sacrificed to the gods. He died in an era when religious beliefs and rituals were quite different from our own.

Funen’s place in the world

The memory of the German occupation is still strong and in Odense, resistance was fierce. A German pistol in the exhibition proves the point. A shot from its barrel provoked demonstrations in Odense that persuaded Hitler to take a closer look at Denmark. Funen has its place in the world – also in times of conflict and terror.

Your view of the world

An anecdote about a woman from Drejø (an island) inspired the title of this exhibition “Funen – Centre of the Universe”. The woman told her parish priest, “It’s amazing that Drejø is at the centre of the universe, don’t you think?” He asked her to explain what she meant. She replied: “Well, the distance from Drejø to Ærøskøbing, Rudkøbing and Svendborg is the same, so Drejø must lie at the centre of the universe!”

Your perspective on the world is always coloured by your standpoint.

Hours of opening

Hours of opening
Tuesday – Sunday, 10-16
*NB: Different hours of opening at The Tinderbox.