The Children’s Backyard

Explore Joiner Severinsen’s family home and try lots of exciting activities from Great Great Grandma’s time. The Children’s Backyard is a small, urban environment designed with an apartment, courtyard and joiner’s workshop. The exhibition stimulates all the children’s senses. They can imagine themselves back in time and discover what life was like in Odense 120 years ago.

The Children’s Backyard is in a property that dates from 1799. Everything you see here is very old: antiques and materials that would have been used in the 1700s. Children may touch and try everything here!

The exhibition in detail

Water pump fitness

Are you strong enough to pump water? Check out the hens and walk on stilts across the cobblestones. You are also welcome to pop into the little joiner’s workshop. Good old-fashioned carpentry with a real saw, hammer and plane. Try the joiner’s hat and apron. Play that you are his apprentices.

Severinsen’s apartment

In Severinsen’s apartment on the first floor, try the bed or play with the crotchet food on the big, black wood-burning stove. Why not dress up in a pretty dress and straw hat and have a tea party? Use the coffee set in the lounge.

The joiner’s wife has tasty samples

One weekend in each month and during school holidays, there are even more fun things to do and see at the Children’s Backyard. You may be lucky enough to see the joiner’s wife giving out delicious samples of her cooking, or explore the past with the museum’s children’s entertainer.

Hours of opening

Hours of opening
Tuesday – Sunday, 10-16
*NB: Different hours of opening at The Tinderbox.