The Tinderbox – Culture Centre for Children

Let your imagination run wild.

Will-o’-the-wisps. Goblins. Elves. Bone-horses and talking lizards. Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Elf Mound is full of magical creatures. At The Tinder-Box Cultural House for Children’s exhibition at Møntergården, you become part of the story.

Step inside the mound and discover gnarled tree roots, fire under the pots and mountain caves to sleep in, as well as weird and wonderful costumes.

Details of the exhibition

Elf shops and board games

Elf shops entice, and board games stand ready. On some days you can hear the story being animatedly read out loud. On other days, you can immerse yourself in the fairy tale with your hands when there is a workshop in the studio. But play, immersion and the artistic experience are always at the heart of everything.

Explore and interact

In the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, the old elf king is holding a ball. The goblin chief from Norway comes to attend with other strange guests from folklore. And it ends with a wedding. The fairy tale setting of the Tinderbox is inspired by that tale. You’re allowed to touch everything. Listen, play, transform. Let time stand still and spend it with those you love in a whole new world.

For the young and old alike

The Tinderbox communicates Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale world to children from all over the world: Families with children visit us at weekends and on public holidays. Schools and institutions come on weekdays to participate in courses. Together with the adults, they are co-creators of storytelling and play, improvisational theatre and visual art.
They fly on the wings of their imagination. Just like Hans Christian Andersen did.

Hours of opening

Hours of opening
Tuesday – Sunday, 10-16
*NB: Different hours of opening at The Tinderbox.